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European Perspectives on Music Education 10

Autor(en): Andreas Bernhofer, Peter Mall, Sabina Vidulin (eds.)
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The starting point of the European research project “[email protected]” is quite simple: Schools cooperate with concert hosts to give students the opportunity to attend classical concerts. Such music education outreach projects take place all over Europe in a variety of forms. This plurality of individual cases is the nucleus of this research project, where data from nine European cooperation projects are compared.

The publication focuses on the perspectives of students, teachers and hosts within selected cooperation projects. [email protected] uses the design of a multi-case study, combining quantitative and qualitative methods. Data on students’ expectations, prerequisites and concert experiences, as well as goals and expectations of the music teachers and concert hosts were collected and compared. The data were complemented by group discussions of students after the concert. The study also includes concert experiences expressed by students and students’ drawings of concert situations while bearing in mind regional differences, including school curricula.

The book presents different approaches to cooperation of schools and concert hosts across Europe and compares and discusses the results. A clear added value of this comparative research project comes from the data triangulation in an international context.

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Cremer, Tanja; Drescher, Meike; Kucharski, Judith:
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